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Scalextric brings the thrill and excitement of motor racing to life in your living room!

Are you new to the exciting world of Scalextric, or rediscovering a childhood passion? Not sure where to start?

Then read on for everything that you need to know about Scalextric. Strap in and start your engines…


Where do you start?

We have the biggest Range of Scalextric/Slot Car sets available anywhere in Europe! From a basic loop to £2000 Custom designed sets! We have broken down the main Scalextric options below so you can see the differences between the various types. 

If you would like a set designed for you, please contact us at

Have a strict Budget and want to know what you can get for your money? Click HERE


Scalextric or Carrera?

Carrera is a different brand of Slot Car Racing Set, popular in Europe and USA. We have an entire page comparing the two systems - take a look Slot Car Buyers Guide - Scalextric or Carrera? 

What Size / Scale Set?

There is a range of Scalextric formats, from those designed for young kids up to those for the expert racer. Scalextric cars come in two sizes – smaller 1:64 size in our Scalextric My First and Micro sets for younger racers, and the larger 1:32 size in our Scalextric, Scalextric ARC (App Race Control) and Scalextric Digital sets.

Carrera add further options with 1:43 for their Go! Sets - this are an alternative to Scalextric Micro Sets and in our opinion are better value. The cars are larger, more detailed and the track layout typically more interesting. Carrera's standard scale is 1:32, so the same size as Scalextric. Carrera also offer an extra large 1:24 Scale, however this is not very popular in the UK and carries a large price tag. 


Our Recommendation

If you are looking at a smaller Scale set (Micro Scalextric or Carrera GO!) We would recommend Carrera GO! as the cars are bigger, more detailed and the sets offer better value overall. 

If you are looking at standard 1:32 Scale Sets we would recommend Scalextric. 




Analogue, Digital or ARC?


Analogue Scalextric is slot car racing as you know it. A track, 2 lanes, 2 cars and one person drives each car on a single lane. 

Analogue uses the same track as Digital (Sport Track), but the powerbase, hand controllers and power supply will be different. 

It is possible to upgrade or convert your Analogue set to Digitial by purchasing a conversion kit or the parts separately. 


ARC App Racing

A whole new level of slot racing fun. The ARC powerbase allows connection to the Scalextric APP race control app on your smartphone or tablet. Wireless controllers being a big bonus on some of the ARC systems. There are analogue or digital versions of the ARC system available with three powerbases to choose from: ARC one, ARC air and ARC Pro - you will find more details on the pro's and con's of this along with a comparative view of all the features on the chart below CLICK HERE

Most Scalextric sets can be upgraded to an ARC system easily - the ARC powerbases come with sport track connectors.



Digital Scalextric uses the same size track and cars as analogue, but the cars are electronically chipped to enable more control of the car and specific sections of the track. 

An entry level Digital Set will include a 4 car powerbase, meaning that 4 cars can be used at once on the standard 2 lane track, with each of the 4 controllers independently controlling a car. 6 Car powerbases are available so 6 cars can be used at once. 

One of the main features of Digital is Lane Changers. These are sections of track where you can switch from one lane to the other by pressing a button on the hand controller. You press a button on the controller at a certain point on the track and a mechanical point on the track switches over and the car changes lane. The track switches straight back so any car following you continues on the normal straight path.

The Digital controllers also have a brake button to slow the car quicker.

The addition of the lane changers add a great dimesion to racing where you can overtake and block other cars on track. You can also use lane changers and pit lane entries to extend and widen the track into 3 or 4 lane sections. 

Digital uses the same track as analogue, known as "Sport" Track. Although the powerbase, hand controllers and power supplies are different. Please note that the cars also need to be chipped or have a Digital plug installed.


Scalextric Sets

As the nations leading Scalextric Retailer we have a considerable range of Sets. We stock the full range of Scalextric & Carrera Boxed Sets, but also offer our own SL Sets. Our sets typically offer much better value for money and a much more exciting track layout! Take a look at the Pro's and Con's Below.


Standard Boxed Sets 

Branded boxed sets from Scalextric that you would find in any toy store. 

  • Nicely presented in official Scalextric Box
  • Basic track design (if you don't want anything too exciting)
  • Cheaper price point if you're on a tight budget.
  • Not customisable.



 Jadlam "SL" Sets 

Exciting sets with advanced track layouts - designed by us, comprising of all brand new Scalextric components.  

    • Comes in a plain brown cardboard box (all brand new Scalextric components inside)
    • Far more exciting & impressive track designs. 
    • Better value for money - more track for your money! 
    • More size options available to suit your size requirements. 
    • Customisable 



Scalextric Options - Analogue / Digital / ARC App Race Control:


Micro Scalextric - start your racing career

Suitable for age 4+ 

 1:64 Scale

  • Racing action for young drivers
  • Action-packed compact circuits
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has its own Small Gauge Track
  • Small choice of accessories/Extensions

Typically £40-50 





Scalextric Analogue - taking racing to the next level

Suitable for age 5+

1:32 Scale

  • The standard for slot racing around the world
  • 2 Slots, 1 Car on each Slot
  • High performance track, Full Size
  • Upgrade options to Digital & App Race Control (ARC)
  • Large Selection of Track Extensions and Cars

Typically £60-150 




Scalextric Digital - the ultimate racing experience

Suitable for age 8+

1:32 Scale

  • Race on any lane
  • 2 Slots, up to 6 Cars
  • Switch lanes, overtake & block
  • Digital cars are compatible with all Scalextric track
  • Large Selection of Track Extensions and Cars

 Start at £300




ARC - App Race Control - the ultimate race control system

Suitable for age 5+

1:32 Scale

  • Unlock a whole new level of slot racing fun
  • Wirelessly create and manage races with a smart phone or tablet
  • Analogue and Digital Options available.
  • Choose a complete ARC set, or upgrade any analogue Scalextric set with an ARC Powerbase
  • Large Selection of Track Extensions and Cars
  • ARC one, ARC Air & ARC Pro options available, see the chart below for a comparitve view of the features.

Start at £170




























Budget Recommendations:

Under £100:

Scalextric C1401 I-Pace Challenge Set

Scalextric C1412 Ginetta Racers Set

Either of these are a great introduction to the world of Scalextric!


£100 - £200

Various options depending on which power option you'd like to go for (see comparisons further up on this page).

ARC AIR option: Scalextric C1403 ARC Air World GT

ANALOGUE but with a more advanced track layout check out our Scalextric Bundle SL94 Ginetta Racers Set


£200 - £300

Now you can get more track for your money! 

ANALOGUE (Spark plug) great amount of track for the money: Scalextric Bundle SL1 2020 C1415 Batman vs Joker

ARC AIR Option: Scalextric Bundle SL4 2020 

ARC Pro option not as interesting track but fully digital: Scalextric C1404 ARC Pro Digtial Le Mans Ginetta's


£300 - £400 

ARC PRO Interesting layout and great value for money, our bestseller: Scalextric Digital Bundle SL5 2020 Arc Pro 2 Cars 

(If you can stretch the budget a little this is the three car version: Scalextric Digital Bundle SL5 2020 Arc Pro 3 Cars)


£400- £550

ARC PRO 4 cars & our popular track design: Scalextric Digital Bundle SL6 2020 ARC Pro 4 Cars

The best seller within this budget is the Scalextric SL7 ARC Pro 4 Car Pit Lane Set.


£500 - £2,000

Why not have your own replica of famous race circuits from around the globe - currently we have: Silverstone and Race of Champions but we are always adding more! 

If you prefer a longer faster layout - or you have more room for length rather than width - you will be interested in our Scalextric SL10 Digital 4 Car Set (10ft2in x 3ft11in).

If size and budget are of no limit to you then look no further than our SL100, SL201 and SL16 digital sets - massive complex layouts, impressive and so much fun!