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New to the UK, Gel Blaster is the coolest Toy to hit the shelves! Gel Blaster fires Gellets (otherwise known as Orbeez) at up to 270fps for explosive, but safe fun!
Gel Blaster delivers enough power to know you've been hit (and to avoid being hit) but it doesn't hurt and you are unlikely to damage your property! Gel Blaster Surge also comes with a low velocity barrel that is easily changed to reduce power to 100fps to offer a lighter impact for younger players.

All Blasters feature a rechargable battery that offers up to 5hrs of fun and can easily be charged in just 40mins via USB-C

Gellets: The Gel Blaster Surge and Surge XL both fire the same water hydrated Gellets, each Blaster comes with over 10,000 Gellets, including 800 hydrated and ready to go out of the box. All you need to do to hydrate your gellets is add water, literally pour dehydrated gellets into a bucket and top up with water! Within 2hours your Gellets will grow to the perfect size of 7.5mm! Once hydrated, pour off any excess water and load them into your hopper!

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