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SCALEXTRIC Set SL77 C1356 ARC ONE Mercedes AMG BMW Z4 GT3 + Extra Kit Extension

SKU: C1356_BDL 4 X C8206D
  • https://d3d71ba2asa5oz.cloudfront.net/73000354/images/sl77a.jpg
  • https://d3d71ba2asa5oz.cloudfront.net/73000354/images/sl77box1.jpg
  • https://d3d71ba2asa5oz.cloudfront.net/73000354/images/c1356-c2.jpg

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SL77 ARC ONE App Race Control Scalextric Set Extended C1356

The SL77 is one of our most popular sets. It offers a great combination of an official Boxed Scalextric set with one of our Custom Designed Track Extension packs. You get the best of both worlds, you will receive the full boxed Scalextric Set that can be wrapped as a gift - plus an extension pack from us to make a much more exciting layout.

Set Information/Contents
  • Scalextric C1356 ARC ONE App Race Control Set (Enough track to make a basic figure of 8)
  • Jadlam Extension set so you can build the awesome layout that's pictured!
  • Footprint Size: 7ft 11in x 5ft 2in. Lanes length: 32ft 5in
Everything you need to Race is included in the Package - Track, Powerbase, Power Supply (UK as Standard), Controllers, Cars, Borders & Barriers. If the track has an elevated section Track Supports will be included.

Why Buy a Jadlam Racing SL Set?
  • Brand New Scalextric Components with Standard Manufacturers Warranty
  • Great Value with much more exciting Track Layout than Scalextric Boxed Sets
  • Peace of mind. We are the leading Scalextric Retailer in the UK, fully backed by Scalextric

Grab extra track, more cars or even Buildings to complete your layout!

Scalextric ARC ONE (App Race Control) is a revolutionary digital slot car system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races with a handheld smart device, such as a smartphone or tablet.
Download the ARC app, then connect your smart device via Bluetooth to the new ARC Powerbase, unlocking unique features and control of your Scalextric races.

Scalextric ARC ONE Sets allow you to customise your race for a truly personal experience.

Choose your race type
Quick Race - Practice - Grand Prix - Endurance - Tournament - Drag Race

Choose your race conditions
Fuel Usage - Tyre Wear - Number Of Laps - Driver Penalties - Qualifying

Post your best times on social
Show your competitve edge and post your race stats onto Facebook and Twitter!

It's so simple to get started!! Download the ARC app, connect your powerbase to your Smart Device, select from various race scenarios and you're ready to race.

Step1: Download the ARC app on your Smart Device
Step2: Connect via Bluetooth to the ARC Powerbase
Step3: Select from 8 race modes and choose your race conditions
Step4: Thrash your opponent in the ultimate racing experience!

ARC ONE (App Race Control) Overview
The ultimate slot car race control system is here! App Race Control (ARC) introduces real racing excitement to Scalextric!

1. Quick Race
This mode allows you to create a number of custom events of any type which can be accessed quickly in the future.

2. Practice
This is a non competitive mode in which drivers try to achieve the best lap time over a number of set laps.

3. Grand prix
Competitive mode in which drivers race over a set number of laps.

4. Endurance
Competitive race mode in which drivers race for set amount of time.

5. Tournament
Competitive mode in which drivers race head to head over a set number of laps or for a set amount of time.

6. Drag Race
Competitive race mode in which drivers race on a long straight. The pit exit on the powerbase represents the finish line and the drag strip can be as long as you want.