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COBI Sherman M4A1 Tank 2464 480pcs WW2

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The Sherman M4A1 was a medium tank produced in large quantities for the American Army. It was reliable and at the beginning of World War II it could fight effectively with German tanks. The situation changed when the Germans started using heavier tanks such as the Tiger and the Panther which had advantages over the Shermans. Version M4A1 had moulded Armor, a 400 HP engine and a M3 75mm cannon. The model has rotating turret, a barrel that can move up and down, 3 operable trapdoors and an engine deck. Additional equipment include a shovel, pickaxe, bags, a grenade, binoculars, revolver and machine guns. 400 blocks , 2 figures - a tank driver and American soldier, A blocks replica weapon - Thompson submachine gun , Bodywork with pad printing, Easy-to-follow instruction manual, Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks, Model dimensions (length x width x height): 200mm x 105mm 130mm

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