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Custom made Scalextric layouts

Whether you have a spare bedroom, free attic space or just a corner of your bedroom, You can be sure that we can design a Scalextric Layout suitable for you.

We have a clever piece of software to help us design the track layout and can incorporate all of the latest Scalextric features such as digital lane changers, hair pins, side swipes and fly overs.

All we need from you is an idea of your total budget and the area you have available for the set. We might already have a similar set designed, but if not we'll sit down and design you your very own track.

I expect you are probably thinking that this is an expensive way into Scalextric. However our custom scalextric sets tend to be far more cost effective than a standard off the shelf set. You have the flexbility of being able to pick and choose exactly which features you want and even what type of cars you have. In addition we can even design 4 lane tracks which aren't available off the shelf.

You'll notice that we have custom scalextric sets available without cars, these are so you can buy the exact scalextric cars you would like separately.

Here are a couple of sets we have already designed: (Click on the picture to see in the shop.)

SL1 - This is an ideal first set which is made to fit on         SL16 - If money or space is no object then SL16 is the ultimate set,
a 8ft x 4ft board. It offers a much more exciting track           at 20ft x 10ft its a behemoth. It includes a 4 lane section, a complete
layout than a standard off the shelf set.
                          pit lane and a large suspended area. Get saving!!


If you would like a price for a custom made set please email your budget and size details to jadlam.racing@btinternet.com, we will get a price and a picture of the proposed layout to you as soon as possible.

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